The Story of Our New Home

When they found the building at 395 Brogdon Road, it was apparent to Patty and Bernie that their prayers of finding a space large enough to house the six studio spaces, five private lesson rooms, workshop, costume/props/set storage, and office spaces for both SAA and SPA (all under one roof!), were being answered. The 15,744 square foot building will accommodate all of this, as well as a new lobby area, bathrooms, and a small library space. Like the current “Main Street Playhouse,” two of the studios will open out to form a “black box” theater for in-house productions. Not to mention there is an additional 2,000 sf of office space to offer for lease to another company or two! Here’s the story of how our new home came to be…The Story of Our New Home

If you believe in coincidence…

It might be a coincidence that the building was built in 2003, the same year SAA was established. Formerly the headquarters for Winmark Homes, 395 Brogdon Road was auctioned off to out-of-town investors after the housing crash of 2008. For thirteen years the building sat vacant, and was brutally vandalized and graffitied.

If you believe in coincidence…

…you might find it coincidental that the day Patty and Bernie showed up to see the property was the same day the realtor of four years turned in the keys. He could not get the property leased in its current state, nor get the owners interested in selling.

If you believe in coincidence…

…or it might be a coincidence that the very day that Patty and Bernie were getting ready to sign a lease agreement on a smaller building farther out of town, the owners of the Brogdon Road property decided to entertain a purchase offer with owner financing! How amazing is that?!

Building Plans

Out of the existing space, SAA and SPA are creating a new lobby, offices and storage for both companies, a library, kitchen/ conference room, scene shop, private-lesson music rooms, drama studios, and four dance studios with mirrors and barres, two of which will open out to form a 99-seat “black box” theatre for in-house productions. This performance space will require a moveable “wall” between the dance studios, curtains, electrical, and a grid system for hanging “blacks” and lights. The structure’s renovation will also include a corner unit of approximately 2,000 square feet, with its own entrance, for lease to others, helping to financially maintain the property.

We cannot wait for our new halls to be full of curious young people seeking an artistic home to ignite their imaginations. Our new facility, with everything under one roof, will provide new opportunities for self-expression and rebuilding our community—now and far into the future.

Perhaps even more importantly, the revitalization of a building that has been abandoned for thirteen years is making our community safer and will increase property values in the area, all while contributing to the local economy during construction and operations. Vacant and abandoned buildings are magnets for crimes such as defacement of property, drug use, and arson, and have also been linked to more serious violent crimes. Reclaiming and renovating such properties makes our communities safer and more stable for our families.

What It Will Cost

Goal: $380,000

The total renovation budget for the newly-acquired property is estimated at $662,050; this is the total project less the acquisition cost. SPA’s expected contribution to this total is roughly half, at $330,000. With a 15% contingency ($49,500) and fundraising costs estimated at $5,500, our fundraising goal totals $380,000. With your help, SPA will secure these funds, significantly increasing our capacity to serve the needs of our artists now, and ensuring the longevity of both companies to be of greater service to the community long into the future. Your support is needed now more than ever. To give, please click on the button for a secure payment link.