Suwanee Ballet provides quality dance performance opportunities to young dancers in the Suwanee area. Suwanee Ballet dancers participate in performances throughout the year including local festivals (Suwanee Day, Taste of Suwanee, etc.), annual winter and spring performances, and SB’S annual Children’s Ballets centered on introducing ballet and dance to young children of the area.

Each Suwanee Ballet member is an athlete who learns to be a positive role model to others, a team player, to have self-discipline, sensitivity, and passion. Suwanee Ballet dares to be old-fashioned by keeping its focus on sharing the art of dance, not selfishly competing for some trophy or prize. It is a shining example of beauty, integrity, humility, and grace that the community can be proud of.

The Suwanee Ballet dancers range in age from 6 to 18 years old; auditions are held every year in late spring and are open to all intermediate – advanced dancers in the area.